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Nancy Keene Fishel

lives and works and in Owings Mills Maryland and Bethany Beach Delaware.She works in a variety of media including oil paint, printmaking, digital art, sculpture and ceramics.

Many of my recent artworks are based on observations of people both at home and abroad. The dynamism of human movement, passing of time, the energy of our ever-changing lives and interaction of people relating to one another are a focus of these paintings. Dance, play, music, walking, running, becoming lost in a crowd and being alone, all are inspirations for my work. Life, time and people do not stand still, and I strive to capture those moments in time.

My digital drawings are created with a program called ProCreate on an Ipad using images that I have taken around the world and in my community as reference. These images range from closely rendered animals to digital drawings that reflect my current interest in movement, and directly relate to my easel paintings and prints.

During the COVID pandemic I have explored new imagery and experimented with process as well as the finished product to create original compositions. Abstraction, layering of imagery, taking inspiration from close observation of my local community and my home have worked their ways into recent compositions.

Previously, Nancy has worked as a cabinet maker, architectural designer, and contractor for residential housing. She taught students in grades K-12 during her tenure at Baltimore County Public Schools and graduate classes at Towson University focusing on Arts Integration.  As a docent at the Baltimore Museum of Art she keeps abreast of many of contemporary art trends and is privileged to continue to share her love of art with others.

She is an active member of multiple local arts organizations and has won numerous awards and recognition for her work. Nancy is the Gallery Director and on the board of The Arts Collective in Towson Maryland.

Nancy Fishel shows her art in both Maryland and Delaware. Her newest work can be seen on her FaceBook page NKFishel All Art.


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